Shopkins World! is an app made by Mighty Kingdom for iOS and Android where you can get Shopkins and furniture for your cafe by going to the shops and playing corresponding minigames. The current app icon displays Kooky Cookie and D'lish Donut. It currently has over ten million downloads.


Once you shop, you can't stop!

Explore Shopville and play mini games with all of your favorite Shopkins including Apple Blossom, Lippy Lips, Cheeky Chocolate and Kooky Cookie! Stock up on candy at the Candy Shop, get creative in the Stationery shop, sort rainbow cakes in the Cake shop, help Donatina at her Donut Cart and more!


- Collect and play with all your favorite Shopkins from Seasons 1 to 10 and add them to your My Shopkins Collection 

- Explore the Shopville street and interact with your favorite Shopkins 

- Play games, earn coins and unlock Shopkins!

- 24 fun-filled shops to play in! 

- Meet the Shoppies!


The main feature of the game is to go to different shops and play their minigames and unlock Shopkins while adding to a cafe.


  • It is the first Shopkins-related app made by Mighty Kingdom, the second being Shoppies Dash, and the third being Shopkins Chef Club App.
  • You can also find the Unnamed Coin Shopkin walking around on the Shopville street, after you have completed a minigame, and even in the minigames themselves.
  • In this app, the Shopkins you collect besides the ones in the cafe all have their Collector's Tool artwork.
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