Shopkins of the Wild
Ep 13--sotw
Episode Number Thirteen
Preceded By The Big Cheeky Hunt
Succeeded By Superhero

"Shopkins of the Wild" is the thirteenth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Ever wonder what the Shopkins get up to in their natural habitat? Lippy Lips has the documentary for you!


Lippy Lips hosts a nature documentary called "Shopkins of the Wild," which shows Shopkins acting like animals in their "natural habitats." The episode starts off with Lippy Lips showing Spilt Milk--or "Cleanupus-In-Aisle-Fourus"--camouflaging to fit different environments. Then it shows Toasty Pop--or "Toast-Us Burnt-a-Lotus"--trying to stalk her prey, Slick Breadstick. Toasty Pop nears Slick Breadstick when all of a sudden toast flies out of her head, startling Slick Breadstick and ruining her attack. Finally, Lippy Lips turns to Dum Mee Mee--or "Shoppus-Dummy-Mee-Diaper-Wiper"--who is about to take her first steps! However, Strawberry Kiss calls Lippy Lips on her phone just before Dum Mee Mee takes her first steps. Distracted by her phone call, Lippy Lips doesn't even notice Dum Mee Mee doing ballerina moves behind her! Dum Mee Mee sits back down just before Lippy Lips hangs up the phone and Lippy misses the whole thing.


  • While the screen calls Spilt Milk's animal name "Cleanupus-In-Aisle-Fourus" Lippy Lips pronounces it as "Cleanusupus-In-Aisle-Fourus."
  • Lippy Lips' ringtone is the Shopkins theme that is played at the beginning of webisodes and commercials.


For a full transcript of the episode, click here.



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 13, "Shopkins of the Wild"-0

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 13, "Shopkins of the Wild"-0

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