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Sia Shell is a Shoppie released in September 2018 as a part of the Lil' Secrets line.


Sia Shell has a secret that really makes a splash! Take a dip in her mini world and discover surprise from the sea and the shore, Sia can't wait to get her feet wet with you!


Sia Shell has light brown skin with pale blue lips and baby blue eyes worn with pale pink eye-shadow with tan designs and blush. Her long, wavy aqua hair is worn loose with violet highlights and a white headband composed of spheres, clams, and starfish. On the side is a turquoise wave with the same shapes but violet. She wears a fuchsia scale tank-top trim with turquoise ruffles and adorned by a white ornament on the corner, white bracelets matching her headband, and a long light blue scale skirt with glittery fuchsia lace trim and blue and fuchsia sea decor drawn on it. Her raspberry sandals with a light blue strap matching her headband.


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