Skatlyn is a Sporty Bear Gym Lil' Shoppie who was released in September 2017 as a part of Happy Places Season Three.

Happy Places Bio

Skatlyn loves having two feet on eight wheels! This Lil' Shoppie draws a crowd when she rolls up for spin in the gym with her Petkins. Making things look great while having a skate - now that's the only way to roll!


Skatlyn has pale brown skin and pink lips. Her eyes are lilac and she has purple hair mostly pulled up and brushed to the left in several separate locks. She wears a yellow top with strings wrapped around it and covering her shoulder, with purple leggings and a hot pink and yellow skate-shaped skirt. She wears hot pink roller-skates.


  • Skatlyn is a play on the word "skate" and the name "Katelyn."


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