Sneaky Speedster is a Limited Edition Season One Cutie Car. Only 1000 of her were produced.


  • Name: Sneaky Speedster
  • Model: Convertible Cutie
  • Features: Step into a car with a lot of sole!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Likes going fast. She's a bit of a lead-foot!


Fast, fashionable and street-wise, Sneaky Speedster can jump so high she can almost fly! With wings covered in bling, she's a Cutie Cars who likes to put the pedal to the metal!


A glittery white convertible car with a pink muzzle and interior. She has gold wheels and on her forehead is a ribbon design to resemble shoelaces. The gold detail on her sides resemble that found on a shoe, consisting of stitched detail, stripes, dots, an a star. Her roof joint is gold with a wing on each side.


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