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Sneaky Wedge is a common Shoes Shopkin from Season Two.


Favorite Hobby:

Playing "Hide and Sneak"

Your friends would describe you as...

She's footloose and fancy-free but gets a little tongue-tied now and then. But she never sweats over it!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Sneaky Sue

Where do you hang out?

Feeling sporty in the Shoe Shop.

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Footloose and fancy-free

Bad Habit:

Lying about his height

Secret Talent:

He can be very sneaky.

Favorite Sport:


Favorite Hangout:

The gym


"I've got sole!"

Sneaky is known for being a bit mischievious, but don't let that fool you. He also has a straight-laced, go-getter side. When he puts his mind to something, he's sure to hit the ground running!


Sneaky Wedge is a white wedge sneaker shoe with a purple sole, white laces and strips of turquoise, purple, and orange. There is an orange label on her tongue with an 'S' for Shopkins.

Her variant is a blue wedge sneaker shoe with a dark purple sole, blue laces, and strips of yellow, orange, and dark purple. There is a dark purple label on her tongue with an 'S' for Shopkins.

There is a variant of Sneaky Wedge included in the Designer Dash game that is a pink wedge sneaker shoe with a blue sole, blue laces, and strips of green and white. There is a puce label on her tongue with an 'S' for Shopkins.

There is also a variant of Sneaky Wedge included in the Shopping Cart Sprint that is a green wedge sneaker shoe with a blue sole, white laces, and strips of blue and red. There is a red label on her tongue with an 'S' for Shopkins.

Also, there is a McDonald's exclusive of her that is rather similar to her Shopping Cart Sprint exclusive. There are two shoes, and one has both eyes closed with her tongue sticking out. The other shoe is exactly like the original Sneaky Wedge shoe except for her left eye which is winking.

There is also a variant of her from the Shopkins Glamour Squad pack. This variant features her as an aqua wedge sneaker shoe with an aqua sole, laces and strips of purple and yellow. There is a yellow label on their tongue with an "S" for Shopkins. She is lightly coated with glitter.

In Season Eight, she was re-released in the Taco Time Collection.


  • Sneaky was called "he" in the Ultimate Collector's Guide, but she is called "she" in her current bio on the Shopkins website.
  • Her Collector's Tool artwork has outstretched arms which are entirely lacking from the figure.


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