Soft Swerve is a Season One Cutie Car. She is included in the Freezy Riders Collection.


  • Name: Soft Swerve
  • Model: Fun Food Van
  • Features: An interior that is perfect place to chill!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes having a meltdown in traffic!


Soft Swerve is always whipping around the streets serving up her treats! She thumps out tunes though her windows to attract customers. She likes to leave a trail of sprinkles wherever she goes so she can find her way home!


Soft Swerve is a sky blue and white split-colored bear van with a winking expression and her tongue sticking out. She has a light pink muzzle and stripes on her side, each with a heart on top. Her wheels and interior are red. Her pull-down tray resembles a cone, and on her roof is pink melting ice cream, piled at the middle and surrounded by white sprinkles.


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