Squeak Sweetie is a mouse Shoppet who was released in March 2018 as a part of the second wave of Season Nine Shoppets. She matches the Shoppie Valentina Hearts and the Heart'n' Seekers Tribe.


Meet Squeak Sweetie

A true romantic, Squeak Sweetie puts her heart into everything she does, especially when it comes to matchmaking! There's nothing sweeter than when you meet her because she's never afraid of saying "I Love You!" With her little Shopkin Wizzy Wheel They are always on the go!


A magenta mouse with pale pink eyes, curled tail, paws, heart-shaped nose, and face makeup. Her inner-ear is slightly lighter than her fur. She has two small teeth sticking out of her mouth, and on her head she wears a pale pink candy heart with a purple ribbon. She wears a white sleeveless frilly top with heart on it, and puffy sky blue shorts.


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