Strawberry Scoupé is a Season One Cutie Car. She is included in the Freezy Riders Collection.


  • Name: Strawberry Scoupé
  • Model: Buggy Buddy
  • Features: A soft-top with a berry nice finish!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes hot days. It causes messy handling!


With creamy dreamy handling, she's a polite and proper little Car who gives way to everyone else. Trips in this Cutie Car can take a all day long because she only goes when it's safe. But who would complain when the ride is so sweet?


A soft pink buggy with hot pink dog ears and a white muzzle and mark on her face. She has an opened mouth and is winking. Her wheels and interior are white, and she has a cone design on each side of her body. The roof is cherry-colored with white melting ice cream decorated with red candy.


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