Summer Peaches is a Shoppie released in late May 2018 as a part of the Shop Style! line.


With a shared passion for fashion and a love for outdoors, my Shopkins bestie Sweetie Le Peach and I just adore exploring stores together.


Summer Peaches has brown skin with faint peach blushed cheeks and lips, and pale pink eye-shadow. Her eyes are peach and pale blue with a tiny peach icon in each, and on each cheek she has a pale pink peach. Her long, curly peach hair is worn loose and she has straightened bangs, worn with an apricot colored headband adorned by a reddish stem and two, large turquoise leaf. Her outfit is composed of a pale pink top with tiny dots and a white scalloped collar and tiny leaf on each shoulder, along with a puffy apricot skirt that has a pale turquoise design on the corner, white leggings lined by tiny peaches, and peach platform sandals with a peach on the toe and leaf by the ankle. On her right wrist is a frilly pale pink bracelet.



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