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Sunny Meadows is a Lil' Shoppie from the Pretty Kitty Dining Room released in June 2017 as a part of Happy Places Season Three.

She was also released as a full-sized Shoppie in May 2019 as a part of the Dance Style! line.


Sunny Meadows loves soaking up the sun and having fun with her blooming wonderful Petkins! A natural born beauty, Sunny Meadows greets the dawn with open petals and loves spending time dining with her growing circle of friends!


Happy Places

Sunny Meadows has a brown complexion with gold lips and pale pink eyes. Her short sea-foam hair curls inward on end, and she has a few curled locks on the top of her head adorned by two sunflowers, and her spiked bangs partially cover her forehead. She wears a teal dress with a sunflower skirt and collar to match her included shoes, and she also wears a pale pink necklace, bracelets, and tights.


This version has slightly lighter skin and wears pale pink blush to match her eyes. Her lips are pale yellow and she has light blue eye-shadow on. Her teal hair and worn entirely pulled back, held by a gold headband that has a big pink ribbon and three gold sunflowers on it. She wears a pink, gold, and cyan gymnastic one-piece with ornate gold detail around the top of the chest and left shoulder, and waist. The top has a single long sleeve, and it is paired with gold shoes that have two straps held by a sunflower.


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