Super shopper pack
Super Shopper Packs contain 26 Shopkins, 5 shopping bags, and 2 shopping baskets. Included are also 4 exclusive Shopkins. There are a total of 6 different exclusive Shopkins you may receive in these packs. The Season Three exclusives are: Candy Apple, Fiona Fries, Queen of Tarts, Bonnie Beret, Shoes-Anne, and Wanda Wafer. Currently there are only Super Shopper packs with Season Three and Season Five Shopkins. The Season Five exclusives are: Bertha Bath, Tammy Tambourine, Sadie Soccerball, Cuppa Cocoa, Grace Baseball Bat, and Polly Teapot.

In 2017, the Shoppies Polli Polish and Lucy Smoothie were both released with Super Shopper packs. The Shopkins included are re-colors of Shopkins from previous seasons.


  • These are sold at Costco and Toys R Us.
  • They are the largest Shopkins packs made that include some non-recolored Shopkins.


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