Ep 14 superhero
Episode Number Fourteen
Preceded By Shopkins of the Wild
Succeeded By The Mystery of the Doors

"Superhero" is the 14th episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

The mysterious Shopkin appears from the shadows helping Shopkins in need—but who could it be?!?


The episode begins with Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss, Toasty Pop, and Kooky Cookie talking about a so-called "mysterious Shopkin" that helps out other Shopkins in need. At first, Toasty Pop doesn't believe that the mysterious Shopkin exists, so Apple Blossom tells her about a time when she was playing with Dum Mee Mee. Dum Mee Mee's rattle accidentally hit a tin can and was about to cause an entire pyramid of stacked cans to fall on top of them when out of nowhere a mysterious caped Shopkin came and shielded them from the cans! Then Strawberry Kiss tells them of a story where she was dusting a shelf and the dust caused her to sneeze. She sneezed so hard she nearly fell down off the ladder she was standing on, but the mysterious Shopkin saved her before any harm could be done!

After telling these stories, everyone wonders who this mysterious Shopkin is. Toasty Pop states that it could be a Shopkin that they know, and Apple Blossom goes to ask Kooky Cookie who she thinks the mysterious Shopkin could be... but she's vanished! Toasty Pop remarks that Kooky could be the mysterious Shopkin, but then they laugh it off while saying, "No way!" The episode ends with Kooky Cookie, the real mysterious Shopkin, in a cape and mask saying, "Check ya later!"


  • In this episode, Apple Blossom refers to Dum Mee Mee as simply "Mee Mee."


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Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 14, "Superhero"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 14, "Superhero"

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