The Sweet Spot is a Shopkins playset from the the Food Fair range released during Season Four. In Season Five, a Kohl's exclusive version of the Sweet Spot was released with the Shoppie, Bubbleisha.

Product Description

Welcome to the sweetest store in Shopville! If you're sweet on Shopkins, then this is place to be. Send your Shopkins on a sweet ride down the gumball machine. Take a roll in the candy cart or stick around on the lollipop stand. There are so many sweet ways to display at the Sweet Spot! Includes 2 x Exclusive Candy Bags and 2 x Exclusive Shopkins.


The Shopkins included in the Sweet Spot playset are:

The Shopkins and Shoppie included in the re-release of the Sweet Spot are:


  • The playset resembles the Squinkies gumball machine playset made by Blip Toys in early 2010, but this may be purely coincidental.
  • The Sweet Spot looks very similar to the Dandy Candy Store which is shown in the background of a Shoppies advertisement.


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