The Mystery of the Doors
Ep 15 motd
Episode Number Fifteen
Preceded By Superhero
Succeeded By Welcome to Shopville
"The Mystery of the Doors" is the fifteenth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

The mysterious doors open to a new world...what is out there? What will the Shopkins find?!


The episode opens with Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips greeting Cheeky Chocolate, who is standing beside the doors wondering what is beyond them. The Shopkins then realize that they've never left Small Mart before! Apple Blossom then says that Slick Breadstick told her that beyond Small Mart is the land of "Picky-Nic" where "monsters" called ants rule and eat unsuspecting Shopkins! Lippy Lips is terrified, but Cheeky Chocolate then states that Slick Breadstick was just trying to scare her. Apple Blossom tells Cheeky that she can just go outside and look, to which Cheeky responds that it's just not that easy. While she's saying that, Kooky Cookie steps outside. Cheeky and Lippy then begin to panic, but Apple Blossom assures them that she's okay. She says that nothing is stopping the "ant monsters" from coming in there at that moment and eating them up! Just then, an ant walks into the store, but it's actually smaller than the Shopkins had expected! Behind the ant are Kooky Cookie and Suzie Sundae, who ends the episode by saying "Check ya later!"


  • Suzie Sundae is the first Season Three character to appear in a webisode.


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Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 15, "The Mystery of the Doors"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 15, "The Mystery of the Doors"

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