The Spatula
Ep 18 the spatula
Episode Number Eighteen
Preceded By Fashion Fever
Succeeded By Halloween

"The Spatula" is the eighteenth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Which Shopkin will get Slick Breadstick's coveted rose on the season finale of The Spatula?!


In the season finale of "The Spatula," Apple Blossom announces that Slick Breadstick is about to choose a contestant to give the final rose to. The contest is down to three Shopkins: Lippy Lips, Suzie Sundae, and Kooky Cookie. It then flashes back to past episodes as we see what occurred in recent episodes. Lippy Lips exclaims to Slick Breadstick that she has never seen anything more beautiful in her life, to which Slick Breadstick agrees, only to find out that Lippy was referring to a dress that she thought was beautiful. It then cuts to another episode, in which Suzie Sundae stood up Slick Breadstick on their dinner date because she "totes forgot" about it. Then it cuts to another episode, in which Slick Breadstick and Kooky Cookie are at what appears to be a carnival. Slick Breadstick attempts to win Kooky a prize from the strength tester, but isn't strong enough. Kooky then jumps on the strength tester and wins the game.

It then cuts to the current episode and Slick Breadstick chooses Kooky Cookie to give the final rose to. Kooky accepts the rose, but then eats it. All the Shopkins laugh, except for Slick Breadstick, who appears to be sad.


  • "The Spatula" is a parody of the reality show "The Bachelor."


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Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 18, "The Spatula"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 18, "The Spatula"

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