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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom introducing to the studio.)

Apple Blossom: Greetings, Shopkins! And welcome to the now biting finale of The Spatula! Our finalists are: Lippy Lips, Suzie Sundae, and Kooky Cookie! That's right, folks! It's all come down to this moment. Who will Slick Breadstick choose for the final rose? Let's see how our contestants went this week:

*Flashback starts at the camera*

Lippy Lips: Oh my! I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life!!!

Slick Breadstick: Nor have I! Come to me, valour! We will be together!

(Lippy runs in front the fashion botique.)

Lippy Lips: Look at this dress, it's so beautiful!

(Lippy runs inside the fashion botique.)

Slick Breadstick: Sacre bleu!

*Interview starts*

Lippy Lips: What? Did you see that dress?

*Interview ends*

Slick Breadstick: Tonight will be the most romantic, elitrifying evening, you have ever had in your life!

(The camera revealed that Suzie didn't attend the date.)

Slick Breadstick: Ehhh.... if Suzie ever shows up.

*Interview starts*

Suzie Sundae: Ohh, I like, totes forgot about the date. Besides, I'm like, only here because I want a rose, like they're so pretty!! Wait, are you like, recording this?

*Interview ends*

Slick Breadstick: Mosiree, let me use my strength, to win a prize for you!

(Slick hit the bottom but he didn't reach the top and the bell didn't ring.)

Slick Breadstick: Hmmm, must be a prank. Look at muwah! Come, Kooky! Let's not waste our time on this broken machine!

Kooky Cookie: Kooky ball!!!!

(Kooky repeatedly hits the bottom of the machine and the bell continously rang until it came out of place.)

*Flashback ends at the camera*

Slick Breadstick: Kooky, my darling! Please accept this rose! You are the winner!

(Kooky ate the rose and everyone laughs except for Slick Breadstick, who appears to be sad.)

Apple Blossom: Well, that's all for this season of The Spatuler. Thanks for watching!

Kooky Cookie: Check ya later!!

(Episode ends.)

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