Tia Tigerlily is a Shoppie released in September 2018 as a part of the wave two of Lil' Secrets Shoppies as a part of Lil' Secrets Season One.


With her pretty petals and flaming hair, Tia Tigerlily's ready for her miniature world to open up and blossom! What will you discover behind the petals of her locket as you dig deep and discover her secrets?


Tia Tiger lily has olive skin with orange and yellow eyes and yellow lips. She has baby pink blush on and glittery orange eye-makeup resembling the petal of a tiger lily flower. Her long golden hair has orange highlights and tinsel strewn through it, and she wears it up in double braided twin-tails held by goldenrod and teal ornaments. Her outfit is composed of a teal tube top with chartreuse lining and two tiger lily flowers coming in goldenrod and orange, a chartreuse arm band beneath the shoulder and a single orange bracelet. Her scalloped skirt resembles a tiger lily flower, followed by a matching pale yellow layer, and a pointed, glittery lace light green petticoat. She wears teal jelly mini-boots with a goldenrod tiger lily at the middle.


  • Secret Locket
  • Teeny Shoppie
  • Necklace
  • Mini Secret Diary
  • Doll Stand


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