Tilly Tulip is a Lil' Shoppie released with the Princess Puppy Garden Party Welcome Pack in March 2018 as a part of Happy Places Season Four.


Tilly Tulip loves the great outdoors! She's a true bouquet beauty 24/7. Tilly Tulip is all about "Flower Power!" She may be a princess but she's no precious petal. Tilly is up for any adventure and horseback is the only way to travel for this Lil' Shoppie!


Tilly has light brown skin and pale yellow eyes, her lips are hot pink. She has pale pink hair worn in curled pigtails sticking out of hot pink tulips. Her bangs are in three tufts, the outer two curved towards the middle, and her forelocks reach her chin and curl inward. She wears a gold tiara with a tulip design. Her dress is hot pink with tulip skirt and sleeves, and the chest is gold with detail. She wears hot pink heels resembling tulips.


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