Tippy Teapot is a Lil' Shoppie from the Kitty Kitchen category. Her theme is tea.

In 2017, she was released as a full-sized Shoppie with the Tippy's Tea Party playset.


Tippy loves having a pot of tea wherever you may be! Anytime is teatime when Tippy Teapot and her Petkins in the Kitty Kitchen. Classy and clever, new ideas are always brewing in her head!


Happy Places

Tippy Teapot has light tanned skin with lilac eyes and hot pink lips. Her magenta hair is worn in short, tightly curled drill twin-tails and her short, choppy forelocks frame her face with straight cut bangs. On her head is a lilac teapot on a plate or doily, along with a powder blue bow. She wears a dark purple dress with lilac bottom and a powder blue apron with white frills lining the shoulder, along with lilac shoes that have a teapot design on the corner of the toe.

Shopkins Shoppie

This version of Tippy has lighter skin and wears pale pink blush and lilac eye-shadow. Her lips and hair are magenta and her hair is worn in the same style as the original, but with her forelocks changed to match her tails, and she has purple streaks through her hair. Her dark purple teapot sits on a dark purple headband with white plate or doily and gold detailing. The bow is lilac with cyan in the middle. She wears a purple dress with lilac frills on the shoulders to accent the cloth tied around her neck, held by a pink clasp beneath her cyan collar. Her skirt has a purple and blue pattern on it and is trim with lilac scallops and ruffles. She also wears frilly cyan gloves and cyan shoes with a gold teapot on the corner of the toe and a brown liquid like design flowing from it, along with white tights.


  • As stated on the back of her box, Tippy Teapot and Kirstea are sisters.


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