Traveling Taco is a Season One Cutie Car.


  • Name: Traveling Taco
  • Model: Fun Food Van
  • Features: Tacos with a taste you'll want to chase!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Likes salsa dancing with her amigos!


A speedy amigo who wows everyone with a pile of spicy styling! Loves holidaying by taking long road trips across Mexico! Traveling Taco is always the most popular truck in the trailer park!


Traveling Taco is a turquoise van with hot pink bear ears and a white muzzle. Her wheels and interior are yellow, and on each side is a decorative purple, white, green, blue, and goldenrod design. Her roof is hot pink, and she has a large yellow taco with red filling on top of her.


  • Her name is misspelled as "Travelling Taco" in the Shopkins Cutie Cars app.


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