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A Season One Two Pack

The Shopkins Two Packs were the first of the Shopkins merchandise to be released. These typically include two Shopkins, a receipt-like Shopkins Collector's Guide, and an additional item (originally a basket) that holds the other contents inside.

Product Description

Start your super-cute Shopkins™ collection with the 2 Pack! Includes 2 characters and a shopping basket for you to shop with! Collect them all!

Types of Two Packs

Season One

In June 2014, the Season One blind baskets were released. They were blue shopping baskets that read "Shopkins" on them.

Season Two

In December 2014, the Season Two two packs were released with the same design as the Season One two packs. However, these baskets were pink with purple handles.

Season Three

In June 2015, the Season Three two packs were released, this time with a slightly different basket design. The baskets are pink, translucent, and glittery, and they have teal handles.

Season Four

In January 2016, the Season Four two packs were released. These blind packs resembled crates and could be stacked. Light pink, dark pink, and white crates were all released.

Season Five

In May 2016, the Season Five two packs were released. Instead of having one item in which both Shopkins are inside, two backpacks, which each included one Shopkin, were used in these two packs. Each two pack included a pink backpack with a cat Petkin face and a light blue backpack with a dog Petkin face. These backpacks can be connected to each other.

Season Six

In October 2016, the Season Six two packs were released. These two packs were clear jars with light blue lids, and in addition to the normal contents, these blind packs also included recipe cards. 

Season Seven

In February 2017, the Season Seven two packs were released. These two packs were shaped like gift boxes in which one is purple and the other is hot pink.

Season Eight

In June, August, and August 2017, the three types of Season Eight two packs were released. The Shopkins came in plastic house-shaped pieces which were referred to as "twin rooms." The twin rooms were lavender or aqua in the first wave, light pink or orange in the second wave, and royal blue or dark pink in the third wave.

Food Fair Season One

In summer 2015, the Food Fair Season One two packs were released. Each two pack included a blue, translucent, and glittery candy jar, and all of the Shopkins available in these two packs were recolors of Shopkins from the first three seasons.


  • In Season One, Limited Edition Shopkins could not be found in two packs, but two packs from the following seasons could include them.
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