Deshna Lilyberry

aka Lee, Alena, Lily, Aleena, Deshna, Luna

  • I live in Land of the Nymfas
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is A Sang'gre who doesn't know her real parents
  • I am The new luntaie (keeper) of the Brilyante of Fire

Hi! I am Deshna Lilyberry, or as well you can call me either Deshna (my username), Lily, Lee, Alena or Aleena! As you can see, I am formerly Sprinkle Lily Cake, believe it or not.

About Me

It's on the tabber.

I like the color pink, Num Noms, Priscilla's Blog (of course!), the app "Egg!", Shopkins, being able to edit here, in Wikia-world, romance, shipping my other classmates (yes that is true LELZ), strawberries, puppies (I LOVE THOSE THINGS) and more. I'm a very kind and friendly girl. As you can also see, I give and let others borrow ALMOST ALL of my stuff, including food, wipes (wet tissues) and paper. So besides that I am not really that positive, in fact I am SUPER negative. Nvm, I crossed it out.

My friends are almost all of you guys from Shopkins Wiki (when I was Sprinkle Lily Cake), Stupidity Wiki, Gracie Edlebeck's series (GES Wiki) and Melanie Martinez Wiki! Well, I didn't have exactly that many friends in Melanie Martinez Wiki LOL.

I'm weird. I'm strange. I like unusual things, girly stuff, Shopkin-y songs, talk an "annoying" language and "corny" shows. I know what you exactly feel when you think of me. Weird. Strange. A pink addict. But you know what? That's how I love myself.

You all can already tell that I love everything my own self just by how I talk, how I act and what I like. When you put every single piece of me, it will create everything that I am now, today. If you find it very strange, or indeed, hate me for that, then I honestly really don't care. They're just your opinions; everyone have.

You don't need to hide what you exactly feel about me just because I am kind, and I will be hurt if you blurt it out. Go. Say it; I may be hurt, but I will accept it. I find decisions of my future. I may ask you annoying questions; but it will be helpful to me in many ways. I sometimes find it very hard to understand things, like some subjects, but I can easily understand the things I love, like guitar lessons.

I am confident. I am strong. I will not be dismayed at what you guys think of me. But I promise; I will promise that I will never change and I am still the same, kind girl who thinks strange thoughts and watch "corny" shows.

They're just ridiculously cute and their names are sometimes funny, sometimes cute and sometimes cool!

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