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Welcome to my extremely boring profile. I'm Funnysun but feel free to call me Funny, or Sun. If you ever need to speak to me then just leave a message on my message wall. I am usually on Wikia everyday so I should be able to respond quite quickly.

About Me

I have been on Wikia since February 9, 2016, however I joined this Wiki on February 15, 2016. I wasn't really very active to begin with but now I am, well kinda. I do a bit of editing, and I do sometimes go on chat if someone asks me to. Although I don't collect Shopkins I like to help out Wikis so that is why I joined. Plus the community of this wiki is quite nice.

I love Steven Universe. Peridot, Garnet, Jasper and Sardonyx are my favorite characters. The animation is amazing, the songs are catchy and the plot is interesting.

My Shopkins

Like I said before, I don't collect Shopkins anymore but here's a list of the ones I got before stopping. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress section.

Season One
Image Name
Strawberry Kiss - 1-010 Strawberry Kiss
Pineapple Crush - 1-011 Pineapple Crush
Melonie Pips - 1-005 Melonie Pips
Gran Jam - 1-022 Gran Jam (red)
Gran Jam - 1-031 Gran Jam (green)
Coolio art Coolio
Sally Shakes - 1-027 Sally Shakes
Bread Head - 1-033 Bread Head
Creamy Bun-Bun - 1-041 Creamy Bun-Bun
Cheesekate Cheese Kate
Kooky Cookie- 1-046 Kooky Cookie
Fairy Crumbs - 1-098 Fairy Crumbs
Crispy chip collectors tool Crispy Chip
Soda Pops - 1-100 Soda Pops
Pretz Elle - SV-006 Pretz-elle
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