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  • I live in a house in a neighborhood
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am female
Tracey tomato art

i made her cherie tomato's pet :D

(Was formerly ShopkinsAddict)

My favorite shopkins and shoppie <3

Hi, welcome to my profile. I am a YouTube loving, wiki-editing human that partially lives on the Internet. Please do not spam, cyberbully, or curse on my page. I want this wiki to be a better place (it is still amazing :D)! I am also an admin, so message me if you need assistance!

Seasons in order of my favorite to least favorite: At this rate, there are so many, and in most aspects they keep getting better as they go. Favorite: I don't know. Least favorite: Season Three

You can also find me on Stupidity wiki! I am very active there. I am also active on Shopkins Fan Wiki.

My favorite Shopkins

My created Shopkins families

  • Cupcake family:
  • Mr. Muffin: dad
  • Mary Wishes: mom
  • Cupcake chic: older daughter
  • Patty Cake: younger daughter
  • Royal Cupcake: pet
  • Cookie family:
  • Cream E Cookie: dad
  • Kooky Cookie: mom
  • Candy Cookie: daughter
  • Cookie nut: son
  • Stacks Cookie: aunt
  • Choc 'N Chip: cousins
  • Phone family:
  • Mobile Mary: mom
  • Chatter: older daughter
  • Smarty phone: younger daughter
  • There is currently no father
  • Donut Family:
  • Chrissy Cream: father
  • Daisy Donut: mom
  • D'lish Donut: oldest daughter
  • Dolly Donut (season 4): middle daughter
  • Rolly Donut: youngest daughter
  • Dolly Donut (season 5): pet
  • Dippy Donut: aunt
  • Chocolate Family;
  • Chocky Box: father
  • Choc Kiss: mother
  • Cheeky Chocolate: daughter
  • Choc Chips: son
  • Rockin' Choc: pet
  • Charli Chocblock and So Grate Chocolate: cousins
  • Sugar/spices Family:
  • Dusty Cocoa: father
  • Kane Sugar: mother
  • Iris Icing Sugar: oldest daughter
  • Cassie Caster Sugar: middle daughter
  • Sugar Lump: youngest daughter
  • Tomato Family:
  • Papa Tomato: grandfather
  • Roma Tomato: mother
  • Cherie Tomato: daughter
  • Tracey Tomato: pet
  • Cheese Family:
  • Chee Zee: father
  • Swiss Miss: mother
  • Bella Mozzarella: daughter
  • Parmesan Pete: son
  • Charlie Cheese: uncle
  • Other relations include:
  • Croissant d'or and Chocky Croissant: father and son
  • Miss Mushy moo and Milly Mushroom: Mother and daughter
  • Cute fruit jello and jiggly jelly: Mother and daughter (Wobbles is the older sister, there is currently no father.)
  • Apple Blossom and Adam Apple: Mother and son
  • Le'Quorice and Miss Twist: Mother and daughter
  • My shopkins couples!
  • Olivia Oil and Wally Water (Married)
  • Miss Pressy and Marty Party Hat (Married)
  • Pamela Pancake and Pancake Jake
  • Heels and Sneaky Wedge
  • Candy Cookie and Ginger Fred
  • Dolly Donut and Berry Smoothie
  • Sadie Soccerball and Dennis Bat
  • Cake Pop and Mintee
  • Cheese Louise and Nilla Slice
  • Tutucute and Piano Man
  • April Apricot and Tiny Tree
  • Sprinkle Lee Cake and Toasty Bread
  • Corny Cob and Super Celery
  • Lynn Lamp and Peely Potato (broken up)
    Connie console art

    My fave glow shopkin  :P


    My fave limited edition ^0^

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