aka ALT 2.0 (Madison M/MadiSun)

Assistant Manager
  • I live in TELETUBBY LAND
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Teletubby Minion (Editor for Wikia, student, and a great friend)
  • I am TELETUBBY (Female)

Heya guys. This is Madison, your Admin, and I'm a Shopkin lovin', spam hatin' (especially TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS), always editin' machine.

My favorite episode of the cartoon is...gee, I'm not sure. The Mystery of the Doors, Welcome to Shopville, Chop Chop and Fashion Fever were all AWESOME though!

I have a small collection of over 50 (I think...) Shopkins, but I always want more!

Favorite Shopkins

My favorite overall is Cheese Louise since I have a strange obsession with Cheesecake.

Of each season

Of each team

Madison's Epically Epic Gallery

Inside Out Gallery

I love this movie!

Shopkins pairings I ship

  • Fiona Fries X Cheesey B
  • Poppy Corn X Corny Cob (stupid friend used my account to say Olivia and Corny will marry each other once, which angered me >:|)
  • Mr. Muffin X Meltin Muffin
  • Casper Cap X Sneaky Sally
  • Soda X Soda Pops
  • Sneaky Wedge X Sneaky Sue
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