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Hi, there! My name is ZootyCutie! I've collected Shopkins for a while, but I'm only now touching onto the wiki! I'm hoping to do my best here!

My Shopkins!

This is a list of all the Shopkins I own!

  • Veronica Vase (pink)
  • Winnie Window Box (brown)
  • Fiona Fries (red)
  • Big Topping (yellow)
  • Cheese Louise (yellow)
  • Chatter (red)
  • Wilma Wedge (x2, 1 pink, 1 purple)
  • Berry Smoothie (pink)
  • Blow-Anne (pink)
  • Croissant d'Or (brown)
  • Flappy Cap (pink, x2)
  • Sausage Sizzle (red)
  • Macca Roon (blue) (she's my fave!)
  • Aspara-Gus (lime green)
  • Beverley Heels (x3, 1 purple, 2 yellow)
  • Queen of Tarts (pink)
  • Cherie Tomatoe (green)
  • Molly Moccasin (pink)
  • Suzie Sundae (red)
  • Wild Carrot (orange)
  • Candy Apple (green)
  • Shoes-Anne (pink, x2)
  • Snug Ugg (orange)
  • Toni Topper (red)
  • Casper Cap (purple)
  • Vicy Vac (green)
  • Pee Wee Kiwi (x2, brown)
  • Peachy (orange)
  • Ginger Fred (orange)
  • Radio Sue (brown)
  • Mixie & Maxie (pink)
  • Melissa Milk
  • Fleur Flour
  • Carmel Topping
  • Blocky Ice Cube
  • Maddie Mask (purple)
  • Tiny Teacup (pink)
  • Bridgette Bagdot (blue)
  • Poppa Pretzel (yellow)
  • Strawberry Top
  • Pippa Lemon
  • Choc Chips
  • Cassie Caster Sugar
  • Stacks Cookie
  • Miss Sprinkles
  • Timmy Tomato Paste
  • Sweet Corn
  • Toast. T Warm
  • Cara Carrot Cake

My artwork!

I also make a lot of Shopkins artwork, mainly humanizations! You can find my gallery of it right here! Just to let you know, there's also stuff from other Moose Toys here, too. (Note: requests on my deviantART are currently closed.)

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