I'm making this as a belated birthday post for this wiki, because this Saturday marked the fifth anniversary of the day I found out about Shopkins and created this wiki! It's really difficult to believe it's been that long. So many things have changed since then! People who were babies when this wiki was made are now old enough to be starting kindergarten. I hadn't even started high school when I made this wiki and now I'm graduated. Unfortunately I've sort of lost interest in Shopkins and haven't been making as many edits as I did in the past, but I always check on the wiki every so often because I never want to leave for good. (I seriously didn't mean to go the whole month of February without making edits on here but I WAS pretty busy last month, I was on vacation in Florida for a bit)

Anyway, it made me really happy to read some of your guys' comments where you said you used to look on this wiki for years before making accounts. I wasn't even sure anybody would come on here when I first made the wiki and it's just cool to know so many people have visited and contributed. Lol this probably sounds sappy but I wanted to express my thanks to you guys since I haven't been on as much recently. :P

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