aka Justine Carl/JC

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am A Brother (Male)
  • JustineCarl5


    July 29, 2017 by JustineCarl5

    Hello guys!!!! Still remember me???

    You all know that I left this wiki last April, right? Well, I decided that I should return here!!!! I mean, I really missed all of you. *cries a little bit* Yeah, yeah don't worry, this is nothing. I really missed you guys and I miss Shopkins so much!!! Uhhh *tears up* No, no, no. I'm okay. 

    So yeah I decided to return here BUT I will not be really active I would just like, comment on certain pages, fix typos, somethung like that because I'm already in high school, and, Oh myyyyy, it's really super stressing! I mean, really. We often have activities and homeworks, and we have to draw something, which I DESPISE, cause I'm really bad at it (Don't judge me). And as I've said, I'm already in high school (pleas…

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  • JustineCarl5


    April 18, 2017 by JustineCarl5

    Hello guys!!

    Well I guess this is my last hello to all of you.

    Because today, I have decided that I would leave the wiki. I know it sad, but I'm not really interested in Shopkins anymore and I'm not really that active in here. Thank you so much for being so kind to me, I really appreciate it. Thanks to all my friends who supported me in everything. I'll remember you always, specially the happy memories, like the TOILETS spam comment thread!!

    Again, thanks for everything guys! Aw don't be sad, I will still be active in Stupidity Wiki! 

    I love you all!!! 

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  • JustineCarl5

    Hi guys! So, do you still remember the TOILETS spam? Well, it is now March 14 here in the Philippines, and the TOILETS spam turns 2 today!!!!! Happy TOILETS Day everyone!!! Let's celebrate this day with Flushes!

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  • JustineCarl5

    Hello guys!! I'm back at making pages again! I still have to be acitve because, well... do you still remember the TOILETS day? I can't miss it so I have to be active since TOILETS Day is just around the corner. TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS

    And as an update, I danced yesterday at the coronation night of muses and escorts in my school!! Well, me and my groupmates danced Dawin's "Sidekick" which was pretty tiring because of waaay too many kicks. Sadly, I can't post the video right here but I'll try!

    And sorry if you guys hate my avatar. It's my way to remember the Lenten Season which started on March 1 (Ash Wednesday). I will remain in this avatar until April 15 (Black Saturday). And once Easter Sunday jumps in, I will change my avatar into a comple…

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  • JustineCarl5

    And I'm Back!!!!!

    February 8, 2017 by JustineCarl5

    Hi guys!!!! Ya remember me??? I'm back!!!!! I think I missed a lot of happenings around this wiki. Tbh, it was kind of tiring making pages so I had to leave for a while.

    Plus, my Oratorical Contest is on Friday, February 10!!! I'm so nervous guys!!! I had been practicing all day today. I hope I don't get mental blocked when I'm delivering my speech to the audience!!!!!! Aw men, my feet are cold right now....

    And after that, I will have another Math contest on February 16!!! And on that day, there will be no electricity the whole day!!!!! Pretty weird, right???? 

    And to top it all of, I'm excited for the Dance party after my contest on February 10!!!! Yay!!!! 

    I still won't be active on Thursday and Friday, ok?? This blog is just a reminder for…

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