Hi there! Here is our list on our current Season 11 Shopkins! (As of March 24th, my sister's birthday!)

The O'lollies: (5/5)

Daddy Candy

Lolly Mommy

Ollie Lolly

Molly Lolly

Pop Tot

The Bumps: (3/5)

Boo Hoo Bandage

Billy Bandage

Baby Cotton Ball

The Scoopers: (2/5)

Sabrina Soft Serve

Nana Scoops

The Bakers: (1/5)

Larry Loaf

The Drinky Dinks: (5/5)

Cuppa Cocoa Carl

Mama Milkshake

Charlie Hot Choc

Sister Shake

Mini Milk

The Jelly Nutsons: (5/5)

Peanut Poppa

Momma Jelly


Jilly Jelly

Lil' Nutty

The Sweetstons: (2/5)

Sister Sweetie       DOUBLE

Itty Bitty Candy      DOUBLE

The Greentops: (2/5)

Arthur Asparagus

Artie Choke

The Chockies: (3/5)

Daddy Choc Block

Choc Chad

Chipper ChocChip

The Donutties: (5/5)

We will be updating this and we will hopefully get more Shopkins!

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