Hey hey hey SWEETHEARTS!!! (FYI, I call my subscribers sweethearts.) Today I'll explain to you how I got my first ever 12 pack!! It was just a normal day and I visited ( It's a greek website ) that sells ONLY toys. Then I saw a Shopkins Season Seven 12 pack and I decided that I would like to purchase it. My parents agreed and we bought it a few days later. Fast foward to after 4 days, the package came. I was gone crazy when I saw it ( Because my father works at a cafeteria, I managed to stay awake before he came in the house. And when I got out of bed ( My grandma made us a visit as well,) I saw my grandma sitting on one of the chairs in the kitchen, and I saw my dad holding the package.) Then when I opened it, I LOVED all of the Shopkins I saw!! I didn't get a limited edition, but I got 2 special edition. And that's it!! Also, before I leave:

Bye bye!!!
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