One bright and sunny Friday morning, the Shopkins in Shop Mart woke up excited. Friday! Shop Mart was closed on the weekends, so it was the last day of standing straight as soldiers all day on the shelves. They were never bought, anyway.

Some of them had been bought along the way, but not many. They still missed Lucy Limeade and Tilly Tortilla Chip, but that was a long time ago.

That fateful day, however, Slick Breadstick was sitting bored on the Bakery shelf when a HUGE hand reached in, picked him up, and walked off!!!

Tucked under a human's arm, he noticed Buttercup lying in a plastic shopping basket in the person's other hand.

"Buttercup!" he whisper-shouted. "You're here too?"

Buttercup looked up. He looked sad, but it turned into a look of shock. "Slick Breadstick?!"

Suddenly Sour Lemon and Sugar Lump popped up from the basket. "She's buying us to make sugary lemon bread!"

"VHAT?" yelled Slick Breadstick in his thick French accent. "I want to go out as... as... as the crusty French loaf masterpiece I am, not some Bass Pro Shop bread knockoff!"

"Yeah," agreed Buttercup, "and plus, none of us want to be rubbed, sprinkled, or squeezed on you!"

Slick Breadstick cringed. "Um, right. That too."

Sugar Lump chimed in, "And you would be baked!"

"IN AN OVEN!!!" Sour Lemon finished.

They were quickly approaching the checkout stand, and Slick Breadstick felt faint. Just what would they do...?

* * *

Back at the Bakery section.

"And then he was snatched up, just like that?" Kooky Cookie inquired in shock.

"Just like that!" Babette Baguette replied tearfully. "Just when I was starting to actually like him..."

"Well, we can't really get him back now," Toastie Bread admitted. "What do you think we should do, Babette?"

A determined look crossed the young baguette's face. "Get him back!"

"And how can we do that?" Kooky asked doubtfully.

"Be bought."

"And how can we do that - ?"

As luck would have it, the same shopper hustled back over. "Two loaves never hurt anyone," she muttered. "Oh look, another baguette! Perfect." She picked up Babette, who waved excitedly to Toastie and Kooky, and slipped her next to Slick Breadstick.

"I'm here to save you," she whispered.

"But you were just bought!"

"SHHH! And it was lucky. I wanted to be bought to save you!"

"Oh..." Slick Breadstick muttered. "Well, how can you do that now?"

Babette chewed her crusty-bread-lip. "Hmmm... I'll help us all escape now! Plus, Kooky and Toastie were going to help too..."

He nodded. "Good."

Buttercup piped up, "Spilt Milk and Chee Zee vowed to help me as I was picked up."

"And Strawberry Kiss and Sweet Pea said so for me, too," said Sour Lemon. "But... How could they do it?!"

Babette sucked in a breath. "I believe in our friends. They'll get us safely back to Shop Mart. Oh... and I'll help, too."

They were then dropped onto a rolling conveyor belt. Staring up, they eventually found themselves meeting the eye of Peppa Mint!

"She's the cashier! Wonderful! She wouldn't let us be bought!"

But Peppa Mint just looked sad as she placed them in plastic bags and handed them to the lady in exchange for a few dollars.

Babette was sad and angry. "She sold us!!"

"Calm down!" said Slick Breadstick.

~ a work in progress! ~

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