Hi guys! I just found a leaked photo for a Shopkins season 5 Mega Pack on Instagram. I realize now that I overreacted when season four was just announced, so I will give season five a chance before I judge it too much. The Petkins are (unfortunately) making a return in this season. The petkins bags are going to be replaced with petkin backpacks that you can "collect and connect". They have weird petkin faces on them, and I personally find them really creepy. The mega packs come with four of these. It also appears there will be a sports category this season and will include a tennis racket and a baseball glove. We also got a look at a new petkin, which will be a baseball. There also appears to be a wishing well, a creme puff, and a tissue box Shopkin. We don't have any pictures of the checklist leaked yet. What do you guys think of these new season and the return of the petkins? 

Photo courtesy of Shopkinmaddy Instagram page.

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