The four Dance Style Shoppies have been revealed!! I found these picks on Anthony_Parcard's Instagram (I don't have it, just able to access it on my computer. Here are the pictures!

Crystal full sized

Crystal Snow is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love her hair, dress, earmuffs, just about everything! Easily my favorite, which I kinda knew was going to happen anyway XD.

Sunny full sized

Unfortunately I don't like this doll as much as I wanted to. I was hoping that she would have a pretty sunflower dress and prettier hair (Seriously, can they do something other than straight hair to characters getting big dolls?). I was also hoping that maybe the ribbon dance theme would go to a full-sized Ria Ribbons doll instead. If they're nice enough, maybe we could get a wave 2 and feature Ria Ribbons. It would make more sense. But this might actually be one of my least-favorite Shoppies, ouch ( I don't dislike this doll, I was hoping for something better).

Riana Radio full sized

Alright, now this one is cute! I somehow predicted Riana would get a big doll! It was one of my guesses. I love how her hair and headband look like her Lil' Shoppie (actually now that I think about it, she's seem to be one of those that matches closer to her original doll). I also like her big shoes and skirt. She's my second favorite of this new dance style!

Ellerina Slippers full sized

Because we needed more ballet shoppies. RIGHT?! But in all seriousness though, I actually kinda prefer Ellerina over Pirouetta, mostly due to the red hair and freckles she sports. She could even be Pirouetta's sister. I just wish we got a Fleur Mingo instead because.

So those were my thoughts on the new dolls! What do you guys think? Great? Terrible? Or somewhere down the middle? Let me know!