Here's a fun game, take a shot every time you see a Shopkin with the word 'Lil' ' ,'Lil' or Little in their name. You'd be dead (actually don't do it lol obviously). But in all seriousness, there are a lot of Shopkins related spinoffs and characters with the word "Lil'" in them. They have this really weird obsession with it... But, here I am, waistin' time on a blog post documenting how many there are. So kids, let's dive into the weird obsession (I have another word for it but I don't think I can use it here) of Moose using the word Lil so much that it is unoriginal and cringe-worthy!

Non Characters

  • Lil' Secrets
  • Lil' Shoppies
  • Lil' Unicorns
  • Lil' Pink Baskets (for the Real Littles)
  • Real Littles (aka S12)


  1. Little Sipper (Season 1)
  2. Lil Red (Season 3 (Food Fair))
  3. Little Teapot (Season 3 (Food Fair))
  4. Little Pet Collar (Season 4)
  5. Lil' Ukulele (Season 4 (Fashion Spree))
  6. Little Choc Bottle (Season 6)
  7. Lil' Wedding Dress (Season 7)
  8. Lil' Blaze (Season 7)
  9. Lil' Berry Tart (Season 7)
  10. Lil' Bliss Ring (Season 7)
  11. Lil' Italia (Season 8)
  12. Lil' Globe (Season 8)
  13. Lil'Smores (Season 8)
  14. Little Bow Bella (Season 9)
  15. Lil' Boogy Board (LS Season 1)
  16. Lil' Donut Hole (LS Season 1)
  17. Lil Lamp Milkshake (LS Season 2)
  18. Lil Jonny Rotten (Season 11)
  19. Lil Lenny Loaf (Season 11)
  20. Lil' Nutty (Season 11)
  21. Lil' Suds (Season 11)
  22. Lil Flossy (Season 11)
  23. Lil Lily Lime (Season 11)
  24. Lil Softie (Season 11)

Okay, so that's the list. Honestly I thought there were more but that's probably just because of how many of those Shopkins there are. Anyways, if there are any that I missed, just let me know.

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