Ep 22 vay kay
Episode Number 22
Preceded By Fashion Frenzy
Succeeded By 12 Days of Shopkins

"Vay-Kay" is the 22nd episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

The Shopkins cannot decide where to go on a Vay Kay. Suzie Sundae and Apple Blossom would love to relax and Strawberry Kiss loves the snow! But Cheeky Chocolate has a different type of Vay Kay in mind! 


Strawberry Kiss and Cheeky Chocolate walk up to Suzie Sundae, Kooky Cookie, and Apple Blossom, who are talking about where they would like to go on the ultimate Shopkins vacation! Apple Blossom suggests going to a tropical beach, but Cheeky shoots down that idea by stating that Suzie Sundae would melt and Apple Blossom would be eaten by a giant sea creature. Strawberry Kiss suggests visiting somewhere that has snow, but Cheeky shoots that idea down as well by saying that she could be hit with an avalanche and then get stomped on by an abominable snowman. These ideas scare the other Shopkins into not wanting to go on vacation at all!

Cheeky then puts on a hat, grabs a suitcase and begins walking away and states that that would never happen in the first place. Then purple octopus tentacles pop out of a nearby fountain, scaring Cheeky so badly that she hides behind Strawberry Kiss! It turns out to only be Kooky Cookie in a costume, and all the Shopkins (except Cheeky) join in to laugh while unanimously agreeing to stay in Shopville for the time being. 


  • "Vay-Kay" (commonly spelled "vacay") is slang for vacation, and is used by Suzie Sundae in her valley girl dialect.



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 22 "Vay-Kay"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 22 "Vay-Kay"

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