X Marks the Shop
X marks the shop
Episode Number 28
Preceded By Shopkins Holmes
Succeeded By Fair Weathered Friends

"X Marks the Shop" is the 28th episode in the Shopkins cartoon series.


Official Synopsis

AAARRREE you ready for an amazing Shopkins adventure? Dive right in to the latest Shopkins webisode for some serious Shopkins fun! Shiver Me Timberrrrs!


Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, Lippy Lips, and Spilt Milk are all pirates sailing on a ship in search of a treasure chest located on an island that was supposedly buried by Buckaroo Bud (aka Milk Bud) that, when opened, turns Shopkins into Bling Shopkins. All of a sudden, a large purple sea monster begins to grasp hold of the ship! The Shopkins begin to panic... But then it turns out that it was all their imagination!


Official Video

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 28 "X Marks the Shop"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 28 "X Marks the Shop"

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