Zappy Pineapple is a Season One Cutie Car. She is included in the Fast 'n' Fruity Collection.


  • Name: Zappy Pineapple
  • Model: Buggy Buddy
  • Features: Warm and sunny looks - Driving is just paradise!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Likes to run rings around her friends!


A tropical traveler who believes that every day is paradise. Loves to have fun in the sun!


A vibrant yellow buggy cat with white muzzle. On it's sides are skinny brown lines to give it a pineapple texture, along with pineapple slices and chunks. It's interior is lilac and it has green wheels. On it's roof is a green stem.


  • Despite being called a female in her bio, Zappy Pineapple is mistakenly called a male on the Cutie Cars Instagram page.