Zippy Popsicle is a Season One Cutie Car. He is included in the Freezy Riders Collection.


  • Name: Zippy Popsicle
  • Model: Fun Food Van
  • Features: The frosty stop where you can chill!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes hot days and sticky situations!


One of the coolest movers around! Zippy always takes the coolest route and stays on the shady side of the street! Sometimes he leaves little puddles on the road while he's waiting for the lights to change awkwardly!!


Zippy Popsicle is a powder blue and white split van with a hot pink roo and bear ears. He has a scrunched mouth and white wheels to match his muzzle and interior. His pull down tray resembles the top of a pink popsicle, and sitting in front of it is a white cash register. On each side of his body are popsicle drawings, and on his roof is a large pink, white, and powder blue popsicle.


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