Zoe Zoom is a Shoppie released with the Zoe Zoom's Selfie Stopover playset in June 2017 as a part of Season Eight.


"I've been focusing on trying to capture the perfect pic during my travels but my Shopkins keep photo-bombing every shot! Maybe you can come along and help me create my dream holiday scene! Say "Shopkins." It's time to express your-selfie!"


Zoe Zoom has a light complexion with rosy cheeks and lips, and light pink glittery eye-shadow. Her eyes are golden yellow, and she has hair that is hot pink and blonde. A portion of it is worn straightened and ankle length and she has a pair of long curled twin-tails and her bangs swept to the left. Her headband is light blue with white flowers and a pale pink and light blue camera on it. She wears a pastel yellow top with a hot pink and white design at the middle and rings of light blue around each shoulder. Her light blue skirt has a hot pink pleat peplum with white designs covering it, and she wears pastel yellow and light blue shoes with a dark purple sole. 


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